About the Company

Imagin Medical is a Surgical Imaging Company


Imagin Medical is a surgical imaging company focused on establishing a new standard of care in visualizing cancer during minimally invasive surgeries. The Company’s initial focus is bladder cancer.

The i/Blue Imaging System™ is expected to dramatically improve physicians’ ability to visualize cancerous cells. Working in conjunction with fluorescing imaging agents, this advanced, ultrasensitive imaging technology combines sophisticated opto-electronic functions and near-infrared fluorescence to deliver images far superior to conventional white light systems. Display options include separate blue or white light images, blue and white images displayed side-by-side, or a blending of the blue and white light images into one. Imagin believes the time savings will increase the efficiency of the operating room and potentially reduce healthcare costs by enabling procedures to be performed in the less expensive physician’s office.

The i/Blue system was invented by Dr. Stavros Demos at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and validated in collaboration with the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center and Dr. Ralph deVere White, one of the world’s leading authorities on bladder cancer. Imagin now holds the exclusive license to this intellectual property and relocated the final stage of development to the highly-regarded University of Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) and its affiliated first-class Medical Center.  A Research Study using the i/Blue Imaging System prototype was led by Dr. Edward Messing and provided valuable input to the development of the final product for commercialization. Imagin’s engineering team has completed the Proof of Concept Phase and expects the Functional Phase to be completed by end of 4Q2019.

As the i/Blue Imaging System becomes established in the urology market, the Company will complete development of the i/Vision Imaging System technology which combines multiple illumination sources into one system. The i/Vision will accommodate the most commonly used fluorescing contrast agents and will potentially enable Imagin to expand into additional surgical specialties.

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